words. past. days.

work. stress. travel. chat. laugh. dare. travel. lost. found. walk. search. wait. dine. talk. walk. talk. travel. talk. play. grill. drink. laugh. chat. travel. text. browse. dawn. sleep.

alarm. snooze. sleep. alarm. snooze. sleep. alarm. up. prepare. travel. text. talk. listen. write. play. laugh. puzzle. eat. pay. buy. card. pay. travel. mrt. claustraphobia. walk. talk. rest. watch. eat. talk. watch. eat. talk. sleep. watch. sleep. watch. morning. up. watch. talk. eat. talk. clothes. charmed.

>> blurr <<

eat. talk. travel.


prepare. travel. search. ask. walk. talk. travel. watch. nap. watch nap. watch. nap. talk. travel. talk. eat. travel.

journal. sleep.

me and my friend lonely

last monday (nov 21), i decided to walk along makati ave going to our dorm. many things crossed my mind and then i just realized i am alone. wait… scratch that. i am with my friend, a friend named “lonely”. that was what i was and felt during that time. it may be a good thing or a bad thing but since then these two songs played in my mind up until right now. i can’t get these songs out of my head!

Westlife – Loneliness Knows Me By Name

down with a mild fever

it has been a long time since i was sick. when i started working here in metro manila, i didn’t got sick that often. but if i feel like i’m going to have one, i immediately apply for a sick leave and travel back home at la union.

i am now down with a mild fever and i can’t go home. i’m getting homesick.

of consipracy and grilling sessions

warning: coded post.

lately, i wondered there is a conspiracy going on and somehow i am involved.

there was something going on yesterday that led to unprepared flight plan last night and a bout of insomnia until the wee hours of the morning that led to me being late at work today.

so tonight, i am expecting a grilling session. a really big one. i have to brace myself.

update 11-17-2005 11:30AM

and it turns out that no such grilling session happened. is this still part of the conspiracy? at least, i am grateful for that.

happy times, happy days, happy nights…

OMG! Got tagged by silverhakai!

List 10 things that give you a moment of joy and happiness and tag 6 of your friends to do the same.

1. Ice cold coffee!

2. Conversation with friends either face-to-face or through IM, SMS or e-mail.

3. Reading a good novel.

4. Watching a movie (sci fi or romantic comedy) either alone or with friends.

5. Sleep (the longer the better).

6. Eating/gimik with friends.

7. Buying something for myself.

8. Knowing that a piece of advise actually worked.

9. Spending sometime with my nieces.

10. A break at work.

yehey my turn to tag:

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