One of them LSS that last for days. It started since I heard of a question (but not directed to me) last night.


So Many Questions
Side A

Have you seen her?
Did you see her pass this way?
What is it about her?
Is it her eyes? Maybe
But I\’m not so sure
Is it her laughter?
Something I\’ve never heard before

So many questions but the answers are so few
All I really know is, I love you
So many questions but the answers are so few
All I really know is, I love you

What is it about her
That makes me stare
That makes me wanna run my fingers through her hair
Will I find her? Maybe
But I\’m not so sure
Will she be mine?
I can\’t stand this searching any more

Since the only time I see her near
Is when I close my eyes
Should I keep it that way
The only way I can make her stay

the ravenclaw aries

(March 21 – April 19)
The Ram. Cardinal, fire, yang – planetary ruler: Mars. Keywords: \”I AM\”

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and governs the head. Positive characteristics of Aries include courage, enthusiasm, idealism, charisma, quick wits, an ability to \”think on one\’s feet,\” leadership potential, exuberant energy, zeal, and innocence. Negative traits include selfishness, tactlessness, egocentrism, an inability to save money, impetuousness, a hot temper, combativeness, oversensitivity, carelessness, and cruelty.


These Ravenclaws will have lightning-fast mental reflexes. Aries is an intellectual sign, but it is also an impatient sign; Ravenclaws who were born under this sign are likely to tolerate no dull wits or stupidity, whether they see this lack of mental competence in themselves (in which case they will berate themselves for not understanding, or give up quickly in frustration without really trying to overcome their difficulty in learning) or in others (in which case they will lash out at the offender with acidic comments and haughty, cutting looks). These Ravenclaws will want to be at the head of the class, dominating other students in their chosen intellectual field, and may be almost as competitive as Slytherins. However, the true aim of every Ravenclaw is knowledge, knowledge, and more knowledge. While a Slytherin might see losing a magical duel or being bested by another student in a DADA class as humiliating, the Ravenclaw will probably just take delight in competition for its own sake, and see defeat as a learning experience.


from Harry Potter Astrology