crash and burn: the quotes

In the Savage Garden‘s video “Crash and Burn“: the following quotations that are flashed along with scenes relevant to it. Somehow, I understood some more than the others. What do you guys think about these?

Television is a one way conversation.
Vanity is a call for attention.
In cyberspace, contact is anonymous.
We scream to avoid suffering in silence.
Stay connected.
Relationships are a series of complex games.
Agree to meet in the middle.
We find strength in numbers.
Synchronized flashing is considered dashing.
Communicate anyway, anyhow.


video import!

i just learned that users can now import videos from either youtube or google videos!

i am rearranging the contents of my multiply again because of this and i might flood the message board again. again my apologies.

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I just cross-posted a year\’s worth of entries at LJ here to my Multiply site. I realized that only a few reads my LJ so here it is.

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