Beautiful Words: Listening

from the Beautiful Words mailing list

In an earlier day, a certain young man was seeking a job as a Morse code telegraph operator. He found an advertisement in the want-ads and went to the address that was listed. When he arrived it was a large, busy, noisy office. In the background he could hear the chatter of a telegraph key. A sign instructed applicants to take a seat and wait until they were summoned to enter the inner office. Eight candidates had gotten there ahead of him; they were seated along the wall. This was discouraging, but still he sat down to wait.

After about two or three minutes the young man stood up, stepped over to the door of the inner office, and walked in. Naturally all of the other applicants started looking at each other and muttering. Within about three minutes the young man came back out the door with the employer who said, \”You gentlemen may go now. The position has been filled.\” Several of them began to grumble. One spoke up and said, \”I don\’t understand. He was the last to come in. We never even got a chance to be interviewed, and he got the job. That\’s not fair.\”

The employer said, \”All the time you\’ve been sitting here the telegraph key has been ticking out a message. It said, \’If you understand this message, come right in. The job is yours.\’ None of you heard it. He did. He got the job. \”

* * *

We need to learn how to listen!

In this world where there is so much noise and with the so many distractions around us, we tend to be deaf on the things worth listening…the sound of a rooster waking you up in the morning, the pouring of the rain on the roof, the crackling of eggs being cooked, the soft pat on your back by your wife as you head for today’s work. Simple things. Oftentimes unnoticed, yet speaks a lot. 

If we could only listen well enough, we could see our lives differently!

what\'s wrong with me?

I took this quiz
at eSPIN-the-Bottle:
What\’s Wrong With You?
and here\’s what I got:
Frightening to Small Children
Take this quiz yourself.

You’re a nice, funny, intelligent person who just happens to be terrifying to anyone under the age of six. Don’t take this news too hard. Just keep your (grossly deformed) chin held high and try to stay out of elementary schools. And maybe you should work on your people skills a little. You know, try to curb those evil stares and haunting peals of laughter. Because there’s nothing worse than having a beautiful day ruined by the blood-curdling screams of children.

crash and burn: the quotes

In the Savage Garden‘s video “Crash and Burn“: the following quotations that are flashed along with scenes relevant to it. Somehow, I understood some more than the others. What do you guys think about these?

Television is a one way conversation.
Vanity is a call for attention.
In cyberspace, contact is anonymous.
We scream to avoid suffering in silence.
Stay connected.
Relationships are a series of complex games.
Agree to meet in the middle.
We find strength in numbers.
Synchronized flashing is considered dashing.
Communicate anyway, anyhow.


video import!

i just learned that users can now import videos from either youtube or google videos!

i am rearranging the contents of my multiply again because of this and i might flood the message board again. again my apologies.

Beautiful Words: New Wallet

New Wallet
from the Beautiful Words mailing list

I just like to share this…

My old Humanities II professor used to tell us that wallets were a lot like girls, \”Dapat mong ingatan, kasi kung hindi mo iningatan, baka may mangyari.\” I know what he means. I just lost a wallet, and I just lost a girl. You know, it\’s the same thing. One day, you just realize it\’s gone. You tryto look for it everywhere, even going back to the places where you couldhave lost it. You think, and you think hard, only to come upon a grim realization: it\’s really gone.

Of course, you can hold on to some hope. After all, there have been some very, very lucky (blessed?) people who got theirs back. Perhaps you could become one of those people. You sit around at home and you hope that someone would call, and that you would get it back. But then, some time passes, and you realize that it\’s still gone, and you realize that it\’s time to let go.

The first few days, you turn to your friends for support. Some tell you you\’ll be ok, some tell you it was your fault and that you should have been more careful, and some tell you about their own experiences. They give you all sorts of advice, none you haven\’t heard before.

You then go out to find a new wallet, only to realize that you don\’t really want a new one. You want the old that you lost. No, you don\’t want all these better-looking wallets. You want yours, because of how comfortable it is, because of all the cards and pictures and other stuff in it.

You go out and carry on without a wallet, keeping your money in your pocket instead. You throw away stuff that you would have held on to if you had your old wallet. And then, finally, you find a new wallet you like and settle in.

You then start filling your new wallet, little by little. It still doesn\’t feel as comfortable as the old one, but it\’s getting there. Then you start putting in cards and pictures and other important stuff into the wallet. Soon enough, there\’s as much stuff in your new wallet as the old one. And then, after some time, you feel as comfortable with your new wallet.

And then you realize that you\’ve almost forgotten you ever had your old wallet. Sure, you still remember most of the stuff you lost with that wallet. But then again, you don\’t remember the hurt when you lost it.

That\’s because that wallet you lost is no longer yours. You\’re no longer holding on. This new wallet you\’re holding has all the important cards and pictures and stuff that you need. This is your wallet.

And this time, you tell yourself you\’re never losing this one.

– Anonymous

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