As in \”La Union\”. Im watching csi las vegas 3 days straight right now.
Now watching season 3 and 3 more seasons to go! Nice to see
characterization and tech improvements over the seasons. I still cant
believe gil-sarah started way back season 1. My only problem is…
cant watch during nights, i\’m outnumbered by telenovela viewers. 😦

this day…

… two years ago, i never realized that something new started. After
sometime i decided that i must do something on it but on this day a
year ago, i realized that i cant do it. I decided to push through
sometime after that. Many things happened because of it… Almost all
of these are firsts. This day this year… I realized that i do not
have regrets… that i have learned much about myself and others in
those 2 years.

Nana and Maksim

Finally, I already watched Nana which my friends are always raving about. I am having thoughts of going for punk or “punk”-esque (which the same friends are suggesting to at least try) after I watched the film. Hindi ko yata carry. I think I can’t project the attitude.

Maybe I can go for something like Maksim, black shirt and few accessories here and there, especially on his Kolibre music video appearance.