Time travel fascination

I was and always have been always fascinated with the possibility of time travel. The ability to revisit past events, the thrill of sneaking a peek to a possible future, that always make my imagination going. It is the reason why I always find myself attracted to fictional characters who have this ability or access to machines or artifacts that allows them to travel.

But, is it possible?

If it is possible in my lifetime, would I travel? When? Upstream or downstream? Would I just visit and view passively or interact with my timeline? And what about the possibilities of paradoxes? Exciting isn’t it.

There is a possibility that I had done it, will do it, what the hell I hate tenses when time travel is involved. People claimed (not definite, though) that I was spotted in some place but I am very sure that I was not there. Or I may be there but doing something else entirely. A doppelgänger, maybe. A time travelling self, I like to be.

Fine, fine. I think I am just missing this fictional character that travels in a blue box across time and space. Fantastic!

Featured image: “Kanazawa Station Clock” by Rei, used under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 license, from Wikimedia Commons


The day is ending. Haven’t got an idea on what to blog about. Didn’t do anything interesting the whole day. Not inspired the whole night. I am waiting for a spark to start something worthwhile but… nah… I’ll just do it tomorrow. As usual. That is why I am referred to as “Procrastination” in the first place.

Here’s something from AVByte.

Now off to sleep. Or maybe check some tweets first.

Board game mash-up

How to make two board games more awesome? Mash them up!

A while ago while hanging out on cafe that offers board games, we pulled out two games: Scrabble (albeit a knock-off) and Snakes and Ladders. We intent to play board games simultaneously and then an idea came to me, why not mash them up. The mashed-up game removed the unpreditability of Snakes and Ladders and added an additional strategic level for Scrabble.

The rules for both games are kept except: make the scores earned in Scrabble as the dice-roll in Snakes and Ladders. The game ends when the Snakes and Ladders board is completed. Need to move 8 spaces in Snakes and Ladders to climb a ladder? Score an 8 in Scrabble. Need to pass the head of a snake by not moving 10 spaces? Don’t score a 10 in Scrabble!

Now, what classic board games that can be mashed-up?

Late night at the videoke

The time is 2:30 am. Time flies when you’re having fun… especially on videoke. I am not a good singer but it is fun. Do I have a go-to song? Previously, yes. Now, maybe. Here’s the run down of my playlist a while ago.

“The Actor” by Michael Learns to Rock

MLTR was my go-to artist when I was still in college. We had a videoke compilation on VHS.

“After All” by Al Jarreau

First time to sing it on videoke. I found out that this song is on my (very limited) vocal range.

“All Behind Us Now” by Patti Austin

Also first time on videoke.

“Gaya ng Dati” by Gary Valenciano

As always, I need to have a Gary V song in every session.

“I’ll Never Go” by Nexxus

Until now, I can’t get the correct pitch.

“Last Flight Out” by Plus One

It is obligatory to have at least one boy band song.

“Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden

I always get out of breath with this one.

“True Colors” by Phil Collins

This song is fun to sing.

I’ll Be Over You” by Toto

The closing song for the night. This was my go-to song years ago. Now, I feel hollow singing it.

Looking forward on the next videoke session. 🙂

Featured image: “SennMicrophone” by ChrisEngelsma, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons