RT @rapplerdotcom: Doctors have been held at checkpoints because their government licensure IDs show the word ‘physician.’ #COVID19PH https://t.co/IMUGoXJHl6

RT @NASASun: Happy 30th birthday, @NASAHubble! 🎂 Hubble helps us understand the Sun’s effects throughout space: We study the Sun’s interaction with the planets via aurora observations and learn about our Sun’s boundary to interstellar space with images of bow shocks at other stars. #Hubble30 https://t.co/kKhnfoSwXv

RT @threadreaderapp: @LaNati_Resist Halo! the unroll you asked for: @propublica: We interviewed experts and frontline officials from Italy, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan and South… https://t.co/zmpHLdcSaW Have a good day. 🤖

RT @assortedge: Along with the alarming number of #COVID19 healthcare worker fatalities, we looked upon the status quo of our health care system compensation. In average, nurses receive a gross salary that is not even 10% of a senator’s or another position such as a deputy executive director. https://t.co/wEZaz2hVan